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After a careful analysis of the 367 projects received by the Foundation by last October 2022, the Council, in the session of 01/26/2023, approved 53 projects for a total funding of € 1,463,955.00 in 2023 and € 217,377.00 in 2024.

In this way, all the funds available for the current year have been committed: consequently there will not be a spring evaluation session and the next applications for funding can be sent starting from next September, valid for the year 2024.


Documentation that constitutes a full and integral part of the operating agreement that the association shall be called upon to sign, together with Prosolidar. The associations are urged to examine it before presenting a project, so as to be fully aware of what the Foundation requires.

  • Guidelines for reporting and the documentation to enclose. A document that illustrates the procedures for reporting on and managing the project. Reporting not done in accordance with what is specified shall render the related spending inadmissible.
  • Guidelines for communication and visibility. The recommendations on visibility were drawn up to ensure that projects financed by the Prosolidar Foundation indicate in a visible manner the support provided.
  • A compressed folder containing the documentation for reporting on and managing the project (to be examined before presenting the project to the Foundation).

Once the project has been approved, all the pages of the Guidelines must be initialled and the ORIGINALS must be sent to the Foundation. The various controls that the Foundation reserves the right to carry out, and with which the associations must cooperate, include on-site monitoring, which can consist of both controls of technical–accounting content and assessments of the consistency of the approved project with its actual performance. This control may also be carried out at a subsequent point in time, following completion of the project, in order to determine whether, even with the passing of time, efforts have remained consistent with the original objectives.