The PROSOLIDAR FOUNDATION – A NON-PROFIT ENTITY is a organisation established under the initiative of the National Fund of the Banking Sector for Projects of Solidarity – a non-profit entity from which the Foundation has inherited its cultural heritage and founding principles.

The PROSOLIDAR FOUNDATION is a secular, independent organisation recognised as a non-profit entity and active in both Italy and the rest of the world. It is the first and, as things stand today, still the only instance, even on the international level, of an organisation founded by the sectoral social partners and financed through "match-gifting", meaning joint, equal contributions workers and employers. The contribution of each individual is equal to 6 euro a year.

Within the Foundation, all the union organisations of the banking sector are represented on a equal basis (through their national secretaries offices), as well as all the member banks of the Italian Banking Association, together with the Italian Banking Association itself.


The IBAN code for making ordinary deposits is IT87K0627003274CC0800139456. When specific funding drives are organised, the related deposit procedures will be indicated on each separate occasion.




THE PROSOLIDAR FOUNDATION was founded in 2011, but its history has deeper roots, being the outgrowth of an initiative of the "National Fund of the Banking Sector for Projects of Solidarity – a non-profit entity", from which the Foundation inherited its cultural heritage and its founding principles, as well as its financing procedures. The Fund was established on 13 January 2005 under a memorandum of understanding signed by all the unions of the banking sector and by the Italian Banking Association and later supplemented with a subsequent agreement of 5 July 2010. The Fund was the outcome of years of activity with projects of solidarity that the proponents eventually decided to place on a permanent basis. Here are some figures on the projects carried out by the Fund prior to the establishment of the Foundation:

   2007  2008  2009 2010  2011
Number of projects
8 8  8  20 41
Amount  616.334 € 419.476 € 345.000 € 1.103.305 € 2.507.224 €






In compliance with cultural and ethical principles of pluralism, cooperation and peace between the peoples of the world, as well as justice and solidarity, and in the service of a human community founded on the values of fraternity and equality, on respect for human and social rights, Prosolidar pursues only objectives of social solidarity, achieving through concrete, practical initiatives the goals contemplated under art. 3 of the company by-laws. Whether in Italy or abroad, operating without any constraints whatsoever, Prosolidar contributes to enact projects of solidarity promoted by non-profit organisations, and support, among other efforts, structural and infrastructural projects meant to bring into being initiatives whose progress can be measured and which will last over time. To this end, Prosolidar operates without locking itself into specific thematic approaches or geographic areas of preference for its efforts: its approach has allowed to support initiatives of solidarity in the broadest sense of the term, including assistance to the types of small-scale organisations that all too often find themselves outside of the “big league” of non-profit circuit. The Foundation follows stringent criteria in selecting its partners and defining its objectives, which must fit into the satisfaction of as far-reaching a need as possible, benefitting not only direct recipients and their families, but the community as a whole.




The Foundation, in accordance with its mission it has set :

  • Promotes and supports initiatives in favour of populations in difficulty, especially in developing countries;
  • supplies economic assistance in favour of collective bodies and groupings;
  • finances the performance of short and medium-term programs, including those in the field of research directly or indirectly pertinent to its objective, as stated under its by-laws, doing so, through suitable national or international bodies or organisations;
  • promote initiatives geared towards favouring the on-site training of the citizens of developing countries in the fields of social affairs, education, welfare and healthcare;
  • supports initiatives designed to create the conditions for economic development through professional training and investments in production designed to help communities reach economic self-sufficiency and security in terms of food supplies;
  • signs working agreements with public or private bodies or enterprises for the supply to the aforementioned subjects of services in the fields referred to above;
  • handles the selection, training and employment of volunteers, including those engaged in civil service, to be assigned to activities of international cooperation for development;
  • promotes initiatives geared towards favouring the involvement of volunteers and participants to be assigned to activities of international cooperation for development.




Prosolidar interfaces with everyone involved in its activities, and especially with all the individuals or groups, plus all the organisations and institutions that represent them, whose interests are influenced, either directly or indirectly, by the Foundation’s activities.