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Short story of a big Fund

If I could give 1000...lira per month
From a very old Italian song, an idea of international solidarity, co-operation and reciprocity............

If I could GIVE .......1000 lire per month ...
The idea of  “If I could give…. one thousand lira per month” was born paraphrasing a very well known  refrain of an old Italian song of the beginning of the last century . The main idea was to transform the various solidarity experiences carried out during the years through different fund raising efforts, into a more structured project, a permanent and stable initiative, formally established through a union agreement, which became integral part of the collective agreement.

Many different fund raising campaigns for solidarity initiatives were periodically launched by Trade Unions organizations in Italy from the late ‘80s. The first campaign was organized during the great drought which took over the sub-saharian belt, we called it “Water for Mali”. Funds were collected to provide wells to the most affected population.

Later, during the first war against the invasion of Kuwait from Iraq we collected money for the purchase, through UNICEF , of medicines and food for  children from Iraq.

Due to the embargo imposed to Iraq, Unicef wasn’t able to complete the intervention, the remaining funds available were therefore devolved to Palestine in order to contribute to the peace process launched with the Oslo Accords. We titled the project “ Sharing peace”. It consisted in professional training activities, focused on new technologies and was carried out together with the International Labour Office, the permanent Secretariat of the International Labour organization. In the ILO record (ILO was founded in 1919) It was the first project fully funded by the workers  .
The different natural disasters which affected Italy during the years brought the Italian trade unions as weel as the banking instituion to collaborate to help people to recontruct whatever earthquakes, floods , landslides had destre in Campania , Piemonte, Umbria, Marche.

We contributed to the rebuilding of  rest houses for elderly people, to the strctural  consolidation of an Istitute for non self-sufficent disabled children, to the recostruction of a sport center, to the creation of a playground, to the reconstruction of kindergarten and infant school.